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GODMOTHER + Handjerks

Who is afraid of a queer planet? GODMOTHER is coming to town! Well, they’re already here and Joey Hansom is never not busy writing and composing, but now the “polymorphic showband against patriarchy” as they call themselves are coming back to stage. Along with Handjerks, who play an exciting dark folk-melancholic-synthie-pop, they’ll play music which makes you think and dance – at the same time if you’re a multitasker. The small label New Pangea has sent us some truly fresh music.

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Thu 05.12.2019 20:00
Humboldthain Club, Berlin
10,00 € - 12,00 €

GODMOTHER are critical theory in pop-music drag. Following a string of singles and the ‘Transgenre’ EP, their selftitled album was released in September 2018 with a show at the Roter Salon of the Volksbühne Berlin. ‘Godmother’ starts with the trope of facing one’s own mortality and takes it a step further, offering a tragicomic meditation on the annihilation of the entire Homo Sapiens – and embracing its evolutionary successor.

HANDJERKS is a half-Norwegian, half-German musical project based in Berlin. Like the rest of the New Pangea roster, Handjerks share a sense of theatricality, but the similarity stops there. Dissonant folk intersects with glowing puffs of synthesizers, and dumpsterdived percussion reenacts medieval breakbeats, while a mournfully rich voice recites emotional manifestos.

Laura Landergott & Sebastian Janata

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