Blurred so36

Queensryche + Firewind + Dark Sky Choir

Musik, Rock, Progressive Metal

Cropped so36

Sun 17.11.2019 20:00
SO 36, Berlin
35,20 € - 35,20 €

Queensryche’s impact on other bands and musicians is undeniable. While they dominated rock
radio in the 90’s with a string of hits including “Jet City Woman” and “Silent Lucidity”, their
influence on rock and progressive bands including the likes Dream Theater or the late,
lamented Nevermore has been undeniable. “We grew up during the days when being
experimental was a key element,” says Wilton. “Where you could write an album that was
completely different than the previous album, put those songs in your set-list and that would
completely work! That’s what allowed us to play with Bon Jovi, AC/DC and Iron Maiden! It’s
about the musicianship, the songwriting that desire to carry the torch when songs were put
together by musicians not machines.”

The Verdict is in and it’s testament to not merely Queensryche’s staying power as a force in
rock in a turbulent new world, but a band without boundaries who continue to prove how
timeless they truly are.

Source: Eventim