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URZA (Doom Metal) Vinylrelease w/ Goat Rider, Black Sadhu

Doom Vinylreleaseparty with guests

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W. Gladow

Fri 15.11.2019 21:00
ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz, Berlin

"From the Vaults to Extermination!"

A special URZA show to celebrate the slow decease of the year 2019 and their Vinyl release of "The Omnipresence of Loss" (out this year) with some very special guests. DOOM IN BLOOM feels honoured to host this special evening! DOOM IS(S)T HOFFNUNG.

✞✞✞ Urza ✞✞✞
Funeral Death/Doom - Berlin
"The Omnipresence Of Loss" (2019, Solitude Productions):

Utilizing misery and tragedy. A metamorphosis into dark sounds and dark art. Urza was born in the year 2015 with the aim of creating extreme doom. Within four years the band developed and eventually started recordings for a first album. “The Omnipresence Of Loss” was released in March 2019 by Solitude Productions.

✞✞✞ GOAT RIDER ✞✞✞
True Doom - Leipzig
Demo 2019 (Independent):

Stuck somewhere in the past Goat Rider praising emptiness, numbness, mourning and the liquid demon with their baleful crawling sound. Prepare for ritualistic traditional Doom. Keep the cult alive. ✞C.O.T.D.✞

✞✞✞ Black Sadhu ✞✞✞
Doom Rock - Berlin
"Gayas Revenge" (EP, 2017):

Our beloveth Berlin Doomrock Stars: A magical triangle between catchy stoner riffs with haunting melodies and epic texts, rampant proliferating Doom and passages that will move their listeners even against their will.
The slow, trance inducing riffs and haunting melodies.


Friday, 15.11.2019
Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Garage

Doors 20.00 h
Show 21.00 h

No presale. Cheapo Tix only at the door (veträglich).


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Presented by


Doom Metal Front Zine


Zukunft am Ostkreuz

ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz


Laskerstr. 5 , 10245 Berlin

+49 0176 5-786-1079