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Charlotte Adigery

presented by ASK HELMUT

Ein ausgezeichnetes Gefühl von Rhythmus trifft auf jede Menge Sinn für Humor. Daraus resultiert ein Stil der jede Menge DIY-Scham hat und sich nicht an den Gesetzten der Popnatur misst. Experimenteller Pop der das Fass zum überlaufen bringt, besser geht's nicht! ASK HELMUT

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Wed 13.11.2019 20:00
Urban Spree, Berlin
16,10 €

With her new EP Zandoli, Belgian-Caribbean artist Charlotte Adigéry proves herself to be a consummate storyteller. Sometimes patently silly, sometimes deeply introspective, Adigéry’s ever-wandering mind spins tales that are absurd and poignant and ridiculously fun. Having been taught the ropes by her Martinique-born mother –namely rhythm’s relationship to musicality and the importance of a sense of humour– Adigéry is a persuasive young artist who can sing about lizards one moment and latex the next.

A descendent of a Nigerian Yoruba tribe that worked its way out of slavery on the faraway island of Martinique, Adigéry likes to draw inspiration from her Caribbean ancestors’ musical traditions. Opening track ‘Paténipat’ features a chanted chorus of “zandoli pa té ni pat” –a Creole mnemonic that means “the gecko didn’t have any legs”– which perfectly enunciates the rhythms of the GWO KA dances that would have swayed the islanders of Martinique a century ago. A zandoli, by the way, is a lizard normally found climbing the walls of Caribbean homes.

Source: Eventim