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Opening SODA Lectures 2019/20 – What does it take to belong?

Diskurs, Vortrag

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Wed 13.11.2019 18:00
Uferstudios, Berlin

The SODA lecture seminar gathers each semester artists and theorists from various disciplines and fields of practice. Bodies, and the aesthetic, socio-political and ethical questions that they open up, are at the core of the public discourse and workshop program that is dedicated to the idea of ‘belonging’ in the 2019/20 winter term: a complex and open idea that addresses material, geopolitical and affective as-pects; reminds of familiar routines, gestures and habits, shared norms, values and rights; and formulates questions concerning experiences of safety and trust and the right to societal and political participation.

Source: Berlin Bühnen



Uferstr. 8/23, 13357 Berlin