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MOVE.UNLTD present: Berlin Krump Session w/ Workshop by Dromef

From the streets to NIGHT EMBASSY: Get to know Krumping and its history in this hands-on workshop.

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Night Embassy - CO-QUO Digi-Gxl Opening - 6 Sept 2019 © Camille Blake

Mon 11.11.2019 18:30
Night Embassy, Berlin
Admission free

Wanna get hyped? Berlin Krump Session is your place to let literally everything out. Krumping – a raw high energy dance style characterized by dramatic, fast and sharp moves – has been part of the local urban dance scene for over a decade. A bunch of Krumpers keep it family until today and train together in different spaces in Berlin.

MOVE.unltd invited them to take over the NIGHT EMBASSY and not just jam together, but get interested dancers inspired.

Krumper Dromef will start the session with an introductory Krump workshop at 7pm – and afterwards we can all get buck wild.

NOTE: This is not a show to look at. If you come here, you do so to learn, practice and dance!

Krumping is a style created in the early 2000s by two dancers called Tight Eyez and Big Mijo in South Central, Los Angeles – an area historically shaped by gangs, shootings, racism and police brutality. The dance was a way to escape the gang life, but reflects the raw and rugged life in the streets. The intensity of the blazing fast movements and the heavy bass of Krumping music can make the dancer get into a kind of trance and forget the rest around them.

From 1 to 15 November, Move.UNLTD turns the Night Embassy into a temporary dance studio where you can learn with Berlin's most talented teachers for free. For the full programme of workshops & parties visit

Night Embassy


Falckensteinstraße 48,, 10997 Berlin