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Lera Lynn • Berlin

presented by ASK HELMUT

Auf ihrem aktuellen Album “Plays Well With Others” hat die Songwriterin aus Texas mit acht verschiedenen Duett-Partnern zusammengearbeitet. Darin festigt Lera Lynn ihre eigene Identität als Künstlerin und Kollaborateurin. Vielfältig & wunderschön! ASK HELMUT

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Katha Mau

Sun 03.11.2019 19:00
Silent Green, Berlin
19,00 € - 22,33 €

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Lera Lynn

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Presale: 19€ (plus fees)
Doors: 7PM • Start: 8PM


Presented by Direct Concerts, taz & ASK HELMUT.

She's written songs with T Bone Burnett and Rosanne Cash. She's recorded albums with full bands (2014's The Avenues, hailed by outlets like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter) and smaller lineups (the experimental, NPR and New York Times-approved Resistor, which Lynn co-produced at her Nashville home).

On her fourth album, "Plays Well With Others", she teams up with eight different duet partners and seven co-writers, resulting in her most diverse, collaborative work to date. With "Plays Well With Others", Lera Lynn cements her own identity as both creator and collaborator. On an album filled with Grammy winners, country icons, folksingers, and Americana heroes, it's still her star that shimmers the brightest, shining light on the newest phase of an eclectic, ever-expanding career.