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Black Midi • Berlin

presented by ASK HELMUT


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Mon 07.10.2019 19:00
Lido, Berlin
14,50 € - 16,00 €

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black midi

Presale: 13€ (plus fees) • Doors: 16€
Doors: 7PM • Start: 8PM


Presented by Direct Concerts, Powerline Agency, ASK HELMUT & zitty Berlin.

Despite not having a single track online, black midi have fast become one of new British music’s hottest properties. Playing their scarcity to their advantage, comments boards and word-of-mouth have become their currency, as fans have clamoured for any scrap of information available. A profile in industry bible Music Week – their only discernible press to date – identifies them as Geordie, Morgan, Matt and Cameron, from Selhurst in Croydon. Other than that, you’ll have to use your imagination.

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