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Earthdance Hamburg


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Sat 21.09.2019 22:00
MS Stubnitz, Hamburg

Earthdance is a world of communities, working and playing together to create a culture of peace, through music and dance events, synchronized global link-ups, and social activism.

More than just an epic party,
Earthdance is a flash forward to a peaceful future.

The Earthdance story begins in 1996, when London-based musician and event producer Chris Deckker (Medicine Drum, Return To The Source) had a vision – in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt – of a synchronized, multi-location psytrance dance party. October 4th, 1997 – The first Earthdance Planetary Dance Party for Peace materialized – with 22 locations in 18 countries, in support of Tibet. In 1999, Earthdance moved its base to San Francisco, aligned its mission with the annual United Nations Peace Day, and began partnering with other international peace events, organizations, and companies. In 2001, the Earthdance International non-profit organization was formed to coordinate the annual charity festival. And in 2003, the Earthdance Global for-profit company was formed to develop year-round Earthdance projects, and provide support for the non-profit organization and festival.
From its psy rave roots, Earthdance has grown to become one of the largest globally synchronized music and dance events, having been held in over 1,000 locations in 80 countries. In 2018, the 22nd annual Earthdance Global Peace Party will include numerous public events, countless private parties, and high social media activity across multiple platforms.
music & dance events
The annual Earthdance Global Peace Party is a wild organic mix of events.
Outdoor trance parties, destination music festivals, gatherings in parks, events in public spaces, concerts, club nights, nature campouts, flash mobs, and house parties, all connected online via social networks. Electronic dance music, beats, and DJs are the foundation of most Earthdance events. But the music and performance genres represented are as diverse as the locations. From psytrance to neo-soul, dubstep to world music, fire spinning to belly dancing, the Earthdance vibe is vividly eclectic and fun. Earthdance is also a massive synchronicity generator, with all the connections and shared experiences made at Earthdance events around the world, over so many years.
global link-up
All Earthdance events join in a synchronized Global Link-Up & Prayer for Peace.
The Global Link-Up and playing of the Prayer for Peace music track, at the same time at all locations, is a profound moment of shared intention for peace. The link-up is an affirmation of peace on all levels – personal, family, community, nations, and peace with the Earth itself.
peace & social activism
Earthdance is aligned with the UN International Day of Peace that takes place on September 21 each year.
The United Nations Peace Day is devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace and non-violence, both within and among all nations and peoples. Every Earthdance event partners with a local peace, sustainability, or social justice charity, promoting the organization, featuring them at events, and donating 50% of event profits to support their work.

Einlass: 22:00 Uhr

Source: Hamburg Tourism

MS Stubnitz


Kirchenpauerkai 26, 20457 Hamburg