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Jake Wesley Rogers

Die Singer-Songwriter-Serie präsentiert einmal im Monat echte Musik für wenig Geld und ganz viel Gefühl – diesmal mit souligen Arrangements zwischen Madonna und James Blake, mit Support von SynchroPower. ASK HELMUT

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Thu 19.09.2019 20:30
UnhaltBAR, Munich
5,00 € - 5,00 €

Jake Wesley Rogers
Soulful vocal melodies, driving musical arrangements, and artful lyricism are where ​Jake Wesley Rogers​' shines - the sum cascading forward in striking compositions. The results quiet a room - making an immediate appeal to the soul. Rogers' age is starkly contrasted with his immensely powerful lyrics and equally rousing singing voice - an electric stage presence at the intersection of Madonna and James Blake.

Jake Wesley Rogers​’ musical journey began in his younger years, inspired by a torrent of coming-of-age questions and fuelled by the vocal powerhouse artists of the time (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga). But the adventure he now embarks on is a true voyage of discovery, rendered in song with earnest honesty. What was once a young man finding his way through solitary expression, now emerges an artist embracing a new future standing on the shoulders of his own younger self.

Support: SynchroPower
...had a lot of shows this year in Munich. After a summer break they're going to play their first gig with fresh new songs at UnhaltBAR as opening act for Jake Wesley Rogers.

This duo (Munich, since 2017) surprises with strong lyrics and melodic guitar that sounds like pure art. SynchroPower released their full length album "Fairway" in June 19 at Alte Utting.

There is an article about this guys in SZ Junge Leute "Band der Woche" which describes how powerful and also dreamy their music is. Acoustic guitar sound, loop station and a sensual voice is their interpretation of PopMusic. It's like a mixture of Kate Bush and Florence and the machine. But now it's up to you. Create your own picture of their music! Sweet, meaningful and a little portion of curiosity is their recipe as "SynchroPower".

Einlass 20:00h | Beginn 20:30h | Eintritt 5€
UnhaltBAR | Baaderstr. 49 | München (U-Bahn: Fraunhoferstraße)