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The Allan Harris Band

The Music of Nat King Cole

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Fr 16.08.2019 22:30
Quasimodo, Berlin
22,00 €

Allan Harris, voc, g
Arcoiris Sandoval, p
Nimrod Speaks, b
Shirazette Tinnin, dr

With his gruff, gravelly voice, his penchant for hep cat diction, and the serpentine bebop turns of his vocalese creations, the late Eddie Jefferson might not seem the ideal match for a classic romantic crooner like Allan Harris. The Brooklyn-born singer has previously paid homage to the songs of Billy Strayhorn and Nat King Cole, repertoire that seems like a more ideal fit. Until embarking on the project that became The Genius of Eddie Jefferson, Harris would have agreed wholeheartedly with that assessment. „In my wildest dreams I never imagined I’d tackle Eddie Jefferson’s material,“ he admits. „But once I started to sit down with his material and delve into what he was singing, it blew all of my stereotypes and prejudices out the window. How wrong I had been over the years not to give this incredible genius credit.“