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Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018: Anna Daučíková

Die slawische Künstlerin wird mit dem Award der Schering Stiftung ausgezeichnet. Ihre Werke reichen von Fotografien über Installationen bis hin zu Film und Collagen, denen allen eine außergewöhnliche Sensibilität inne wohnt. Sehr berührend! ASK HELMUT

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Anna Daučíková, Výchova dotykom (Upbringing by touch), 1996, Courtesy the artist

Fri 16.08.2019 11:00 – 19:00 + 1 date
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Anna Daučíková (born in 1950, Bratislava, SK) is the recipient of the Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018, which is bestowed by the Schering Stiftung in cooperation with KW. Over the last five decades, the artist has developed a comprehensive oeuvre that comprises painting, photography, collage, film, and sculpture. Her approach is characterized by an extraordinary sensibility for the way overarching societal structures shape self-definition and personal expression. In her work Daučíková negotiates a space where linear authorship and customary rules and conventions are no longer applicable.

Daučíková moved to Moscow in the late 1970s and remained there for over a decade. During this time she started to develop a practice that explored the concept of the “mental body,” a result of her preoccupation with what she coined as “inbetweenness,” a term used to express her transgender identity. Her practice unfolded during the dissolution of Soviet modernism and was significantly shaped by a conceptual approach, which included documenting her surroundings and exploring numerical systems and the notion of abstraction as a way to find the personal in abstract orders. Since the 1990s and after the end of the bipolar world order in the Cold War, the artist not only became an advocate for the LGBTQ community back in Bratislava but also turned her eye inwards, focusing increasingly on manifestations of her queer self-understanding within a rapidly changing society.

The large-scale monographic exhibition at KW surveys work from the past four decades alongside a new commission emphasizing the artist’s longstanding fascination for glass and its ambiguous status between materiality and immateriality, craft and concept.

Curators: Anna Gritz, Cathrin Mayer
Assistant Curator: Kathrin Bentele

The Schering Stiftung Art Award is awarded by the Schering Stiftung in cooperation with KW Institute for Contemporary Art. It honors international artists who can be considered as the most important positions in the last couple of years and who pursue an outstanding original artistic approach. The award is endowed with a prize money of 10,000 Euro and a solo exhibition at KW, for which a new artwork is created. Coinciding with the exhibition, a monographic catalogue will be produced. Since 2005, the Schering Stiftung Art Award has been awarded biannually. Previous prize winners include Cornelia Renz, Nairy Baghramian, Renata Lucas, Wael Shawky, Kate Cooper, and Hiwa K. This is the seventh time that the prize has been awarded, and the fifth time in cooperation with KW.

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