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Propagandhi, supports: Pears, Antillectual


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Fri 26.07.2019 19:00
Markthalle-Hamburg, Hamburg

The first thing to know, if you want to know about Propagandhi, is that they came here to rock. Right
from the snarling opening riff of their seventh album, Victory Lap, that much is clear. For everything else
that swirls around the band now, and for the last 31 years — the politics, the people and, lately, a
gnawing sense of despair — the sheer volume of it all hasn’t changed.
So even though Victory Lap was written while the world spun into darkness — we’ll get to that in a
moment — this record is still made to put feet in the pit and fists in the air. Or, as frontman Chris
Hannah sings on “Tartuffle,” Victory Lap’s penultimate track: “We came here to rock. Single moms to
the front. Deadbeat dads to the rear. That’s how we do it here.” In that moment, Victory Lap finds
Propagandhi close to how they began: a ferocious band from a wind-battered Canadian prairie,
thrashing out jams in a city erected on stolen Indigenous land.

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

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