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CMYK-Tour: Kazy Lambist & Gabriel Vitel

präsentiert von ASK HELMUT

Ein Südfranzose, der locker-sonnigen Discosound macht, supportet von einem Dresdner und seinen Synthesizern mit urbanem Electro Touch – so klingen lange Sommernächte! ASK HELMUT

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Fr 17.05.2019 20:00
Nochtspeicher, Hamburg
20,50 € - 20,50 €

Kazy Lambist:
Hailing from France’s deep South, Kazy is a singer and songwriter making laid back, sunny disco with a nice electro edge. He started by sharing online the elegant « Headson », which did not go unnoticed, and was quickly followed by the radiant « Doing Yoga ». The same year Kazy Lambist was awarded by the prestigious Inrocks Lab.

After his successful first EP « The Coast », came « The City » in 2018. This new EP is a sweet blend of house, french touch and electronic poetry. The young musician is a perfectionist and each track is a masterpiece both melancholic and sensual. Finally in June, Kazy Lambist released his first album « 33 000 FT » referring to his other passion : flying planes ! Right from the groovy opening track « Love Song », Kazy Lambist creates bewitching connexions between pop and electronic music.

Gabriel Vitel:
A young composer, half French, half German once composed a song. By chance a renown tech house producer stumbles upon it. On his 18th birthday he sends him the finished track as a present. This is followed by a DIY release and the rise to a worldwide hit, which has been streamed by millions to date. So begins the fairy tale of Gabriel Vitel and "Mind Doodles". And the threads from which this fabulous story is spun are glittering. On the one hand there are Gabriel's soulful, strikingly rough voice, his wonderful melodies and on the other hand the relaxed, yet driving beats and sound patterns of producer Alec Troniq. You just can't help yourself but be in a good mood when you listen to these sounds. And so we dream on together with Gabriel Vitel and let our thoughts dance.