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Melodiesinfonie & Friends

präsentiert von ASK HELMUT

Melancholische Sounds zwischen HipHop, Funk und Jazz. Der Schweizer Jazz-Künstler und seine Freunde laden zum musikalischen Happening ein. Insgesamt ein Abend voller Tracks die in sich ruhen und die Welt ein bisschen besser machen. ASK HELMUT

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Di 14.05.2019 20:00
YUCA, Köln
20,50 € - 20,50 €

Melodiesinfonie is a young guy in his twenties, grown up beyond the hills, he already stumbled over piles of jazz records as he made his first steps.. Now that he has grown up, he faces the daily routine by carrying his SP under his arm spreading love and positivism with his warm, soulful-dreamy melodies. These are accompanied by drum samples that make your head nod like you were watching one of those beckoning cats you find in shop windows of grubby Thai takeaways. Digging into the wide sphere of musical landscapes, he constantly reinvents himself within his creations which range from combining soothing astral melodies with tender vocals to complex beats and catchy loops.