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The Bad Plus | XJAZZ Festival

Kontrabass, Schlagzeug, Klavier und eine gehörige Portion Groove. Das Trio ist wohl der Inbegriff des Jazz, jedenfalls spielen sie so virtuos zusammen, dass man ihnen diesen Titel verleihen möchte! ASK HELMUT

Cropped bi nuu

Fri 10.05.2019 19:00
Bi Nuu, Berlin

Never Stop II is the 13th studio recording from The Bad Plus, and the first featuring pianist Orrin Evans alongside founding members Reid Anderson (bass) and Dave King (drums). It is a rebirth and also an affirmation between three musicians, enriching the trajectory of this 18-year-old band and its longstanding commitment to creative group improvised music. Upon the departure of original pianist Ethan Iverson, Anderson and King asked longtime friend Orrin Evans to join the band. Says Evans, “This band feels like family to me. The music has a lived-in quality because of the deep relationships between the band members, and I feel really comfortable within this democratic construct.” Evans has been a vital contributor to the modern jazz landscape for more than 20 years with his solo projects and other groups.

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