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Canceled | Loyal

Mit ihrer Musik wollen sie eine Geschichte erzählen, dabei ist jeder Song ein neues Kapitel oder eine neue Szene. Das Kollektiv aus Brighton verpackt das ganze in sehr tanzbare Disco-Beats. Und das macht richtig Bock! ASK HELMUT

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Tue 30.04.2019 21:00
Kantine am Berghain, Berlin
18,30 €

LOYAL is a band, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps that’s the key. A Brighton-based collective whose ranks are occasionally swollen by a whole host of auxiliary members - including a five piece choir - to try and understand exactly what it is would be to miss the point. To listen to LOYAL is to enter a movie theatre halfway through the greatest film you never saw only to be instantly gripped and confounded at the same time.

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Kantine am Berghain


Rüdersdorfer Str. 70, 10243 Berlin

030 29 36 02 10