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The Family Crest

The live orchestral pop wonder is coming to Berlin!

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Badehaus Berlin

So 28.04.2019 19:00
Badehaus Berlin, Berlin
17,60 € - 19,00 €

The Family Crest have already earned widespread national applause for their extraordinary orchestral pop ambition but with THE WAR, the San Francisco-based collective makes their boldest, most fully articulated musical statement thus far. Songs like “Take Tonight” and “It Keeps Us Dancing” wed a remarkable span of sonic influences – from '70s groove to synthpop, Afro-Cuban soul to California jazz, glam rock, and anything else that might suit the greater goal – to create a cohesive, utterly original sound and vision all its own.

“THE WAR is ultimately about conflict,” says frontman-founder Liam McCormick. “The battles we go through every day, the trauma we reference from various situations in our lives that inform the decisions we make. It’s about the complexity of human nature, how we’re all equally capable of doing wonderful things and terrible things. It’s about the control that those battles have over us as we move through our lives.”