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Foursome: Spring Edition

🎀x🦆 Because Berlin isn't only about winter - FOURSOME of us it's about House music!🐥x📀

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Jean Yann Records

Fr 05.04.2019 22:00
Anita Berber, Berlin

Once more, and for another crazy night, we're taking over our beloved Anita Berber. In order to welcome you and hopefully Berlin's spring season🌺🌼, our mates BARBE BLEUE will be joining us! Rules haven't changed... only the opening hours:
from 10pm until late the next day... House, disco, groove, cocktails, more house, tech-house, deep-house and my house is your house will be on the menu!

Featuring :

Albyre [Barbe Bleue]

Noze [Barbe Bleue] b2b Mad Shivers [Jean Yann]

Skotbeat [Barbe Bleue]

Max Faudee [Jean Yann]

Show us some real love here (@Resident Advisor):

Obviously you can also attend here (@Facebook):

In Jean Yann we trust.

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Anita Berber


Pankstrasse 17 (Pankeweg, Alte Fabrik, Follow the Pankeweg. It is right behind the railway tunnel), 13357 Berlin

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