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Stranger, dancing

Eine Performance, die Musik mit improvisiertem Tanz und Live-Videoprojektion zu einer Entfremdung des Körpers verbindet und die Grenzen zwischen Realität und Fiktion auf einzigartige und Art und Weise verschmelzen lässt. ASK HELMUT

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Tuca Vieira

Wed 16.01.2019 20:00
Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
10,00 € - 15,00 €

Stranger, dancing is a solo dance for oneself as another. It lives in the moment where one sees a dancer by her/himself and one realises that it is oneself dancing. The piece is the self- alienation which happens by means of an intimate trance and which leads to a temporary dissolution of the self. This moment of dispersion and the reemergence of a new form is
what Stranger, dancing musically embodies. It is a performance combining generative music with improvised dance and live video projection into an estrangement of one’s body.

Andrei Cucu and Yannis Mitsos have worked together to form a series of short narratives where the body is seen from an outside perspective, from within and from all the liminal spaces in between. The 30 minute performance acts as a portrayal of how ones perception of the own body can shift from an outside to an inside one, all the while going through a destructive process. The project ́s central preoccupation is one ́s own perception of the body and its limits, and how an outer body experience can be turned on its head into a unitary self. Its three different sections represent the perception of the body as an ́other ́, the realisation that it is actually ones own and the acceptance and integration of this fact.

Andrei Cucu is a multimedia artist from Berlin trying the boundaries between sound/image/text/space/ nature. His work often approaches translations between these different languages, with a special focus on sound, trying the interstices, correlations, interactions. The endless possibilities of manipulating these languages are explored and expanded in sound pieces, audiovisual pieces and images. Andrei has studied literature, comparative studies and sound design, all of which are reflected in the multifaceted manifestations of his art. His works are deeply personal, reflecting small moments, deeply intimate experiences or transformations. Despite growing up in a city in the middle of Transylvania, his direct contact with nature was very limited, which is why many of the pieces deal with natural surroundings, open spaces, natural/contemplative themes, as a means of rediscovery of the outside world. The extremely occidentally focused perspective of early 90s Romania has helped form a cosmopolitan worldview
which became even more acute after Andrei ́s move to Berlin in 2014. This new environment and the beginning of his sound design studies have left a massive imprint on his art, turning it onto an experimental, conceptual area, opening a immense space for exploration and unexpected sensations.

Yannis Mitsos is a greek contemporary & butoh dancer who has performed in prestigious theatres/spaces in Greece for Organisations, choreographers and collectives in dancetheatre shows, Opera pieces, cultural heritage presentations, site specific performances and more. Currently based in Berlin, he has danced for Svea Schneider and also participated in music videos, while choreographing his own upcoming performances. He is in search of a way of movement which is strain-free, spontaneous, without prearranged identity and offers space for self discovery.

Source: Berlin Bühnen

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