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Current 93

presented by ASK HELMUT

Wenn David Tibet anfängt zu singen reichen Folk und Klassik sich auf einzigartige Weise die Hand und ziehen alle in ihren Bann. ASK HELMUT

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Sat 08.12.2018 20:30
Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin
37,75 €

Funkhaus Session

Funkhaus present:

Current 93

Hey Kittens and Cats! Purred News From Catland! CURRENT 93 are OverMoon to be returning to Lovely Berlin to Channel Her IMMINENT NEW ALBUM utterly at Lovely Funkhaus this Saturday December 8. She'll breathe fingers and toes into Her Former Faces too—where the FLOWERS grow. C93 will shine into Lovely FunkHaus with Her Current LineUp, all of whom were born, with invisible tattoos, on other planets. Aloma Ruiz Boada, Reinier van Houdt, Andrew Liles, Alasdair Roberts, David Tibet, and Michael York, AlphaBetically, invite you to PICKNICK with us, and LOOK UP THERE!—FlickerFilms by Davide Pepe hover RED, Flickering like Flies. Look outside your window and skip outside your BoneScreen: Anyhow, anytime, anyway, anywhere—Spread the News, and Saddle the Noose—YOUR FUTURE CARTOON IS AS SOFT AS THE TAROT… And See You In Berlin Oh Berlin Girls And Berlin Boys

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Funkhaus Nalepastrasse


Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin