Blurred chalet

Music Lab

mit Joyce Muniz, Ada, Dario, Nathalie Capello

Cropped chalet

Fri 07.12.2018 23:59
Chalet, Berlin
10,00 € - 12,00 €

RA attend here:


Ada [IRR, kompakt, Pampa]
Joyce Muniz (Official) [Exploited Records]
Nathalie Capello

What can we say in the face of all this bundled creative power? This night is going to be magical!

Ada is coming down to Berlin to join us for the night. Known for her live shows and her releases on Pampa Records, she works her warm and melodic magic from behind the decks.

Joyce Muniz is best known for her killer productions that transport us back into summer with their hot, dancey vibes.

Nathalie Capello is up&coming in Berlin's electronic music scene. Her mixes transport a mix of hip-swinging grooves and on-point beats.

DARIO completes this killer lineup with his powerful tunes.