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Kai Schumacher & Sebastian Plano

presented by ASK HELMUT

Sebastian Plano scheint das Cello spielen neu erfunden zu haben und berührt sein Publikum immer wieder aufs Neue. Angesiedelt in der Neo-Klassik trifft er in der Funkhaus Session auf den großartigen Kai Schumacher, ein echtes Genie am Klavier. Einmalig! ASK HELMUT

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Fri 07.12.2018 18:30
Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin

We are excited to have double concert with

Kai Schumacher & Sebastian Plano:

The New Sound Of Classcial Music

Kai Schumacher

"Schumacher's playing is so atmospheric and insistent that you'll want to stay up all night until the early morning hours yourself!" (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

“Piano music for the twenty-first century (...) That might at first sound as if an ‘angry young man’ of the piano were trying his hand atevery possible musical trend that diverges from the mainstream, but it is actually an extremely creative attempt not only to surmountthe boundaries between serious and light music, but also to create something that is truly new.“

Taking his lead from Steve Reich’s masterwork "Electric Counterpoint" in a new arrangement for live and pre-recorded pianos, Kai Schumacher, signed to Neue Meister, takes a musical look on his album "Beauty in Simplicity" at classical precursors and pop-culture inheritors of minimal music.

Sebastian Plano

"In dialog with the whole of existing music he strives to create authentic new music."
(GONZO (Circus))

"Plano’s point of view is absolutely transcending decades and eras. "

Already with the release of his debut album 'Arrhythmical Part of Hearts', Plano has gained international acclaim, placing him as one of the pioneering artists combining classical and electronic elements. His second full length album is entitled 'Impetus' - a moving force, stimulation and momentum that originated right after completion of his debut album. Recent work by Sebastian Plano includes the release of 'Novel EP' with former Kronos Quartet's cellist Jeffrey Zeigler as a guest cellist and the score for the game 'Everything', co-written with composer Ben Lukas Boysen. In 2017 Sebastian signed to London Based label Mercury KX, home for his third full length solo record to be announced this year.

Source: Facebook

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