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Tuca Vieira

Sat 06.10.2018 20:00
Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
9,00 € - 16,00 €

Rama Gottfried apophänie
Elena Rykova 101% mind uploaded
Alexander Schubert Hello

live in Ghent:

A bunch of hypersensitive nerves are sending obscure information - « the organisms of the miniature Apophänie world are born, mutated, absorbed, and consumed, a narrative grows between the microscopic entities » (Rama Gottfried). Pending musical life forms are unconsciously pulsating, surviving and purring along during the complex surgery of a « huge strange organism with many receptors and organs » (Elena Rykova). Meanwhile, a high blood pressure mind is relentlessly inventing a new joke taking place in the « composer's living room, it's an invitation into the personal world of (Alexander Schubert). please enjoy. » CHARGED is a quite loaded performance by music collective Down the Rabbit Hole with musical operations that become fruitful matter for procrastination. And all that seemed blurred and vague turns into a pleasurable yet immediate cause for playing it out, letting it live and dance, with crackling, buzzing, grooving, soothing, moving and re-mixed sounds.

Down the Rabbit Hole is a music collective founded in summer 2017 and co-directed by clarinetist Filipa Botelho (Portugal), percussionist Kaja Farszky (Croatia) and cellist Hanna Kölbel (Germany).
Hailing from throughout Europe, we are committed to the emerging scenes within contemporary music, identifying with the art of nerdy entertainment and thus pushing borders by building new dramaturgies for sound creations.
Identified as performers of contemporary music we naturally search for extended techniques: we are wild curators of our concert programmation and indulge into setting up a superb performance space. As a music collective, we love to challenge and support fascinating creative artists to follow their ideas. To make this juicy newness happen we play acoustic instrument, voice, touch, light… all to spark the senses of our young, old, big and small audiences.


Source: Berlin Bühnen