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NordiConTempo Festival

NordiConTempo ist ein zeitgenössisches Musikfestival, das sich auf nordische Musik und Musiker fokussiert, in Zusammenarbeit mit Berliner Ensembles. Im Rahmen des Festivals präsentieren die Veranstalter mehrere Uraufführungen und Deutschlandpremieren.

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Fr 21.09.2018 20:00

19.30 Doors
20.00 Ensemble KNM Berlin

21:30 Doors
22.00 Stockholm Contemporary Guitar Ensemble (S.C.G.E)

20.00 Ensemble KNM Berlin - Ensemble KNM Berlin’s concert program is an exciting mixture of different styles. Pieces with electronics, music theater, as well as other carefully chosen Nordic repertoires. The concert also presents two wolrd premiers, composed specifically for Ensemble KNM and NordiConTempo festival.

conductor, Stephan Winkler | N.N., flute | Horia Dumitrache, clarinet | Michael Weilacher, percussion | Theodor Flindell, violin | Kirstin Maria Pientka, viola | Cosima Gerhardt, violoncello

Mansoor Hosseini “Pharmacy Suite” (for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and conductor) WORLD PREMIER

Juliana Hodkinson “Prompt, immediate, now / very restrained and cautious” (for clarinet, percussion, viola, violoncello and electronics)

Simon Steen-Anderson “Next To beside Besides” (for solo flute, solo snare drum, solo violin)

Mauro Godoy Villalobos “Imagen sin tiempo II” (for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello) WORLD PREMIER

Clara Ianotta “Limun” (for violin and viola)

22.00 Stockholm Contemporary Guitar Ensemble (S.C.G.E) - Stockholm Contemporary Guitar Ensemble ( S.C.G.E ) is a newly formed ensemble with a focus on contemporary art music.

The ensemble consists of Stockholm and Sweden's finest classical guitarists: Georg Gulyás, Joakim Lundström and Ariadna Abreu, under the guidance of the composer and musician Mauro Godoy Villalobos. The music is experimental with improvised sections as well as complex detailed notations with and without Tape/electronics.

Lars Bröndum “In Shrads Trembling Space”

Mauro Godoy Villalobos “Windows Sequentia in C”

Christofer Elgh „Minnesbilder“

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