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Mi 15.08.2018 20:00

Freier Eintritt

Birgit Hein, Katarzyna Kozyra, Ann Noël, Cornelia Renz, Johanna Smiatek

Birgit Hein, Katarzyna Kozyra, Ann Noël, Cornelia Renz and Johanna Smiatek are five artists who deal with the role of women and female artists in society. Sometimes radical, sometimes subtle, the theme of sexuality is also taken up in the works. How important are age, generation, gender and media for an artist’s process? The work is diverse: painting, film, drawing, objects and installations. Things take on a “dreamlike” independent existence or fetish character. During the exhibition, a panel discussion, a screening of the films “Die unheimlichen Frauen” by Birgit Hein and “Cheerleader” by Katarzyna Kozyra, as well as a performance will take place.

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Schau Fenster


Lobeckstr.30-35, 10969 Berlin

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