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Damien Jurado - Roter Salon der Volksbühne - ausverkauft!


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Volksbühne Berlin

Fr 09.03.2018 19:00

Damien Jurado - Acoustic Travels Through Maraqopa

Exklusive kleine bestuhlte Show mit sehr limitierten Tickets!

Providing the ideal entry point for neophytes and an intoxicating aural high for the faithful, Damien Jurado’s latest opus extends the hot streak ignited by 2012’s Maraqopa and its 2014 follow-up Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. Visions of Us On The Land (released last year on Secretly Canadian) completes the tale of an individual who has had to disappear from society in order to discover some universal truths.

There was no grand scheme to make a trilogy at the outset. Exuberantly prolific, its creator simply wanted the first record to be “a quick snapshot. But it’s become something that lives in a huge way in my conscience. Maraqopa is this peaceful place I can go to in my mind. A little bit psychedelic, but you’re not using substances. The brain is such a powerful thing. In that uncharted territory I was able to tap in and find this place. Which was called Maraqopa.”

Damien Jurado brings the Maraqopa trilogy to a seated Roter Salon in March. Tickets are very limited for this show.

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Volksbühne Berlin


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