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Experimontag: Instat Voodoo / Giuseppe Capriglione


Cropped madame claude 2

Mo 15.01.2018 21:00

By Donation / Doors: 19:00 / Music Starts: 21:00

INSTANT VOODOO (Impro, extra dust and magic/IT)
Instat Voodoo are faceless warrior #1 (DuChamp / Brabrabra / Xantene /Roman Catholics / Fausto Maijstral ) and faceless warrior #2 (Ruins Of Krüger), IW is the resident band of the Kitchen Leg Mansion. A sonic incantation to transmute higher powers into transitional vibrations, tapping into the abysses of a multiverse noisified with unorthodox guitars and synths and effects. Instant Voodoo are a pain-flavoured cup-a- soup.


BURKINA PHASER (DJ-Set/Finding Bridges between seemingly distant Musics/PT)

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Madame Claude


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