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Ströme live!

Die beiden Jungs machen elektronische Musik mit analogen Modular-Synthesizern. Klingt kompliziert, hört sich aber verdammt gut an und liefert genau den richtigen Soundtrack für eine ausschweifende Nacht! ASK HELMUT

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Sa 13.01.2018 20:00

10,00 €

After blowing minds at our GRAND opening party - the duo Ströme returns to the Lovelace for another handmade synthesizer live concert!

Mario and Tobi are passionate musicians. Being part of the famous brass-techno combo LaBrassBanda for three years, the two boys are now focusing wholly on their new project called Ströme. They use two modular synthesizer systems to create powerful, pulsing beats, weird melodies and pair it with various machines and instruments.
In late 2016, they dropped their first album on the famous Munich based-label Compost Records. It is simply called "Nr. 1" and so damn good, that we are already waiting desperately for Nr. 2 and 3 and 4 and 5.

Ströme will be supported by Moritz Butschek (Wannda//Two In A Row)

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