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The Necks live im Funkhaus Berlin

präsentiert von ASK HELMUT

Für viele, vor allem wenn man sie erlebt hat, eine der außergewöhnlichsten Bands auf diesem Planeten und in diesem Setting kann man nur einen fantastischen Abend erwarten! ASK HELMUT

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Mo 11.12.2017 19:00

DOORS 19:00 | SHOW 20:30

'One of the most extraordinary groups on the planet... a sonic experience that has few parallels or rivals.' | The Guardian

'Absolutely riveting... how three musicians can sound like eighteen is a mystery... extraordinary magical sounds emerged from the ensemble...the way The Necks do this with acoustic instruments is nothing short of miraculous.' | Financial Times

Over 30 years The Necks built a reputation as one of the most distinctive and compelling music groups around. A live performance by the group is entirely improvised, consisting of two sets of approximately 45 minutes. On 11. December, Chris Abrahams (Piano), Lloyd Swanton (Bass) and Tony Buck (Drums) are back at Funkhaus Sendesaal 1.

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