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Blackbear | Berlin (Ausverkauft)


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Sa 09.12.2017 20:00


blackbear - Digital Drugworld Tour
09.12. Berlin, Gretchen (Hochverlegt aus YAAM)

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SoundCloud: 141 Million Streams
Total Spotify: 8 Million Monthly Streams.

Spotify Promo Headline: In less than a week since the release of Blackbears Digital Druglord album, we've seen over 1M new unique listeners to 8M total monthly listeners and over 15M streams on the album. Blackbear has now broken into Spotify top 200 artists on the service at number 198th and growing steadily.

"Digital Druglord" debut on SPS "Sales Plus Streaming" Billboard Top 200 albums at #12 with sales of 30K albums sold in one week.

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Obentrautstr. 19-21, 10963 Berlin


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