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J.A.W x Morphine w/ Pharoah Sanders Quartet, Rabih Beaini live

Womöglich eine der besten Tenor-Saxophonisten der Welt. Mit Sicherheit eine Legende des Ethno-Jazz. Ein Konzert, das man so schnell nicht vergisst.

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Di 14.11.2017 20:00

This night is proudly co-presented with Morphine Records

Pharoah Sanders Quartet (Impulse! | Los Angeles) live
Pharoah Sanders | Tenor sax
William Henderson | Piano
Oly Hayhurst | Double Bass
Gene Calderazzo | Drums

Rabih Beaini (Morphine Records | Berlin) live
Rabih Beaini (Synthetizers)


"Probably the best tenor player in the world" Ornette Coleman
"Trane was the Father, Pharoah was the Son, I am the Holy Ghost" Albert Ayler

Promoting events is (also) about making dreams come true. Probably one of the last music giants still alive, an absolute reference for a whole generation of musicians, producers, deejays & music lovers worldwide whose music inspirations go way beyond straight jazz music. We feel so blessed and honoured to welcome - together with our friends Rabih Beaini & his label Morphine Records - Mr. Pharoah Sanders for his only germany show this year, fourteen years since his last appearance in the German capital with his own Quartet and not as a guest & fourty years since his debut here at the Phillarmonie alongside Don Cherry, Albert Mangelsdorff & Joachim Kühn. Period.

Pharoah Sanders from his real name Farrell (the name Pharoah is coming from Sun Ra which whom the tenor saxophonist played at the beginning of his career) possesses one of the most distinctive tenor saxophone sounds in jazz. Harmonically rich and heavy with overtones, Sanders’ sound can be as raw and abrasive as it is possible for a saxophonist to produce. Yet, Sanders is highly regarded to the point of reverence by a great many jazz fans. Although he made his name with expressionistic, nearly anarchic free jazz in John Coltrane’s late ensembles of the mid-’60s, Sanders’ later music is guided by more graceful concerns. The hallmarks of Sanders’ playing at that time were naked aggression and unrestrained passion. In the years after Coltrane’s death, however, Sanders explored other, somewhat gentler and perhaps more cerebral avenues — without, it should be added, sacrificing any of the intensity that defined his work as an apprentice to Coltrane. His albums on labels such as Impulse! Verve, Strata East, India Navigation or Theresa are all time classics for a whole generation of music lovers.

Dear friend & fascinating producer Rabih Beaini - boss of the excellent Morphine Records - is a lone voice in eletronic music, but one that rings loud. His own music, whether under the Morphosis moniker or his own name, has always something spiritual. It brings together dark wave, krautrock, post-everything and techno in haunted hardware harmonies. Our man describes his work as based on a research approach into a variety of instruments and sounds, hybridization, looking to create points where things can gather together or clash and creat something new.


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