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Kazehito Seki / HUH / Dr Nexus & Ratbag / DJ MEMAI


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Di 17.01.2017 21:00
Loophole, Berlin

Kazehito Seki
is a Voiz (Non-FX Voice Noise) performer who seeks for the sharpest sound by running about between Noise (Abstract / Nerves) and Hardcore (Concrete / Muscle). His voice with a couple of microphones with NO electronic FX shows a wide spectrum, not only emotional screams but as an instrument, oscillating between subtle sinewaves and brutal harsh noise in a microsecond.

For more than a decade in Tokyo's sonic ghetto culture, Kazehito has been blasting his voice in a hardcore band called Omawarisan. After several years of fusing voice with electronic noises, in 2012 started his solo activity without electronics, besides joining in a Voiz group called Tokyo Voiz Choir organaized by William Tokuhisa. In the same year, toured in Korea with his two bands. In 2015 toured in EU, had 40 live shows, several WSs recordings, sessions, at LUFF (CH), Radio Panik (BE), MultiMadeira (PT), etc. In 2016, he has several releases such as, a full length: “LASTDOMAINWORLDVOICEOFF” by his experimental noise rock band: Ameri B.C, a split work as his new feedback project: Self Toxication with BEEATSZ v2.0x (TR). He also teaches training and keeping the voice safe, because after all -- the voice is and was (always) the primordial instrument.

“Heart Attacker” at LAS, Poznań (PL), 26.11.2015 video by Patryk Lichota



HUH is formed in July 2007 in Tokyo Japan by Kyosuke Terada (guitar/voice) & Takuma Mori (drums/voice).
They are presenting a new jazz with free improvisation.
They keep looking for the melting point of the groove and the noise, junk jazz, no wave punk by free form improvisation.
They have many various releases, that not limiter to the domestic,and regardless to the form.
And planing many many independence events in Tokyo.
They began independence label "OOOSOUND" with GEVABOW and VAU! in Tokyo since 2012.

Their collaboration guest name...
T.Mikawa (Incapacitants), ASTRO, Tadashi Kumihara (Gunjogacrayon), GOVRENMENT ALPHA, Jin Harada, Atsuhiro Ito, Punkuboi, Hahanosikyu, Cal Lyall, Python vs Cobra, Les Conferences Bunker, Coco, Naoki Nomoto, PUNSUCA, DJ MEMAI, etc...

Released labels...
OOOSOUND(JPN/Self label), Attenuation Circuit(Germany), WORD iS OUT!(JPN), Productora Mutante(Chilli), Grindocore Karaoke(US), bumtapes(UK), etc…

@Hikarinouma 22 Oct 2016
@Soup 3 Sep 2016
Collaboration with T.Mikawa@Super-deluxe 12 Jan 2014



Julian Davis Percy’s sounds are produced through the utilization of a diverse range of materials, consisting of objects found in abandoned factories, self made instruments, prepared guitars, classic analogue effects and samplers as well as traditional guitar playing. At present he performs with Last Dominion Lost, The Walking Korpses, Ultraspießer and his solo project Ratbag.




A DJ and a turntablist who mainly performs in Tokyo.
Specialized in sessions with various artists as well as solo gigs.
Previous featuring artists are Ichiro Shibata (Yura Yura Teikoku), L?K?O, Atsuhiro Ito (Optrum), Toshiharu Mikawa (HIJOKAIDAN/Incapacitants), Hair Stylistics (Masaya Nakahara/Violent Onsen Geisha), doravideo, Junji Hirose, Masaharu Sato (HIKASHU) and many more.
Excels in effectors and scratch or even feedback noise, capable of creating an intense sound environment. The style that creates unique and original ambience fascinates its audiences.
Also a member of the band “Fallopian Disco Force” and “S/G/A/V” with HIKO(GAUZE).
The hottest extraordinary DJ in the Tokyo underground scene, now.

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Boddinstr. 60, 12053 Berlin