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Kookoo w/ SCRAM


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Fri 09.01.2015 22:00
OHM, Berlin

KOOKOO feat. SCRAM (Trust)

"the things that dreams are made of...the things that dreams are made of... "

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Do interstellar time travellers long for the sounds of a thunderstorm on planet earth? Do Scrambots crave for things like New York, ice cream, TV, travel, good times? We don't know for sure. But we're one hundered percent positive: there is someone out there on a mission and he will let us know. His name? SCRAM!

SCRAM is a mysterious character. A man of many merits, hero of untold tales, always on the run exploring new realities in some far out orbit. No one has ever disclosed the identity of this electronic pioneer. Still, data collected through several NSA leaks and hacker attacks has led to a few theories and assumptions.

This data indicates that about 15 years ago SCRAM may have founded a communication hub for international electro in Vienna called Trust Records. Chances are that he was affiliated with a highly efficient digital music supply unit named zero". There are rumours that he regularly interferes with Austrian airwaves, namely during the legendary La boum de luxe radio show on FM4. (None of this could be verified, information supplied without liability.)

One thing is certain though: recently KOOKOO detected new sonic signals from SCRAM that show distinct patterns of shuffling rhythms and devastating drone breakdowns – Resurgence by RATIO x SCRAM. At this stage, it's also confirmed that these signals were received, re-sent, and charted by the likes of Objekt, ND Baumecker, and Patrick Pulsinger. On January 9th, the KOOKOO hosts MIEKO SUZUKI and ARA will set up a vinyl-controlled electronic installation at Berlin's OHM Gallery to receive even further transmissions from SCRAM.

As new visual input is also to be expected, Japanese artist INK AGOP developed a special monitor set-up able to connect the concrete walls of OHM Gallery with the surroundings of a parallel universe. An apparatus to capture time lapse video footage will be provided by YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI, also from Japan, while Australian artist CARLY FISCHER takes care of the space food imagery that will be presented in a light box and on the flyer artwork.

KOOKOO's advice for the night: Take time to see the wonders of the world / To see the things you've only ever heard of / Dream life the way you think it ought to be...


the things that dreams are made of...

:: music

SCRAM (Trust) //

MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) //

ARA (Kookoo) //

:: art

INK AGOP (installation art) //

YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (video installation) //

CARLY FISCHER (light box & flyer artwork) //

Friday, January 9th, 10pm

OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin


Kookoo is a monthly multidisciplinary collaboration led by Japanese sound artist Mieko Suzuki and Ara alias Arno Raffeiner, editor at Spex Magazine. Kookoo events focus on electronic music and its connections to visual art and conceptual image design, all of these elements being based on a carefully chosen song quote that sets a different mood and provides a fitting motto for each night.

The special atmosphere at Kookoo events is created through a constant dialogue of the artists responding to each other, a dialogue with the space at the venue – the Ohm Gallery inside an immense defunct power plant building in Köpenicker Straße, Berlin-Mitte – and, most of all, a dialogue with the audience. Kicking off in the summer of 2009 as a monthly event at Farbfernseher in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Kookoo created a unique and intimate underground party vibe, gathering a strong and dedicated following. From early on, the hosts Mieko Suzuki & Ara focused on collaborations with, among others, Australian artist Carly Fischer, Japanese painter Yuki Mori, dance performer Nobuhiro Mitani or video artists Yukihiro Taguchi, Ink Agop and Aiko Okamoto. Kookoo quickly became one of the favoured hot spots in Berlin's notoriously nocturnal music and art scenes.

Over the last five years, Kookoo was graced by musical performances by the likes of Barnt (Magazine / Mule Musiq / Cómeme, Cologne), Electric Indigo (female:pressure, Vienna), Errorsmith (MMM / Smith N Hack, Berlin), Clara Moto (Infiné, Berlin / Lyon), Buzz Goree (Underground Resistance / Mixworks, Detroit / Berlin), Andy Vaz (Yore Records, Cologne), Elbee Bad (Nu Groove, La Rhone, New York / Berlin), Finn Johannsen (Macro / Hardwax, Berlin), Kihira Naoki (Social Infection, Osaka), DJ Glow (Trust, Vienna / Berlin), Crato (Magazine, Berlin), Bill Robin (Tempa, Rebel HiFi, London / Berlin), and many more.

Are you ready to go Kookoo, too? It's your world, 4 a little while...

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Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin