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Lotic presents: “Power” in 4DSOUND

presented by ASK HELMUT

4-Dimensional wahrnehmbar: Innerhalb der genialen Soundinstallation im Monom spielt Lotic sein neues Album "Power". Als Institution der queeren Clubszene steht er für fantastische, elektronische Live-Sets. Also lasst euch den Weg zum nächsten Kosmos eröffnen! ASK HELMUT

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Fri 13.07.2018 21:00
MONOM, Berlin
17,80 € - 18,00 €

On July 13th Lotic will present their debut album ‘Power’ amongst the immersive walls of MONOM’s 4DSOUND installation at Funkhaus, Berlin. As a physical realisation of the Houston born, Berlin based artist’s spatially inquisitive work, this one-off event will serve as both a manifestation of the album’s microscopic nuances and a celebration of its release that day via Tri Angle Records.

The evening is joined by special guest Shapednoise and co-presented by CTM Festival.
Exklusives Album Release Konzert in 4DSOUND
Doors & Bar: 20:00
Show start: 21:00

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Nalepastrasse 18, 12459 Berlin