ASK HELMUT is your digital guide for cultural adventures.

We want to make it as easy as possible to break out of everyday routine and get inspired by new artists and places in real life. In Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Munich.

That's a f***** up name to be namin' your kid! Helmut!

But – we did! We named our kid after Helmut Grokenberger, the german taxi driver in Jim Jarmusch’s fantastic movie „Night on Earth“.
The fun begins, when Yoyo steps into Helmuts car - from then on, nothing is as expected, starting with Yoyo having to drive himself in this very funny ride through New York.

For us, this is a perfect night out: dive right in, have an adventure, meet new people and have lots of unexpected fun.

Which is exactly what artists do for us and the whole creative gang that makes places like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich so exciting: in live concerts, fantastic films, in art shows and the theatre.

But living in the big cities is not an easy thing, and sometimes it can seem an irrational endeavour to find great things to do when all that magical and unique stuff you keep hearing about proves out of your grasp.

Because we don’t want you to miss all those magical moments, we founded ASK HELMUT. We recommend the most wonderful events every day.

With our HELMUT SURPRISE, our surprise night out for two, we take the stressful bit off your shoulders and pick the event for you. After all, going out is all about experiencing something exciting and new! Our dream is, to make you discover new artists and places and fall in love with the unexpected.

Meet the team

Lea bohlmann
Lea Bohlmann
Content | Marketing
Felix linke
Felix Linke
Content | Curation
Nic stockmann
Nic Stockmann
Partnerships | Curation

Thank you

Stephan Baumann
for many many intense and inspiring conversations about AI, his music discovery engine HORST, and last but not least for his limitless love for music.
Arian Berndt
the cinema and movie expert for his great film tips, but also for mastering double negative in his legendary line: „You can say a lot about ASK HELMUT, but not, that it’s not awsome.“
Helmut Bückle
for many very good communication ideas for his namesake.
Doremi – Katharina Trees und Julia Grüßing
for many truly wonderful trailers and videos and absolutely unparalled support in rolling posters.
Markus Halberschmidt
art house filmproducer for opening the doors to Berlinale for us with the first very hot raffle for his own film Fathers and Sons.
Torben Hodan
music editor and man behind the wonderful diffuse magazine, for his support and for coming up with the artist quote "I like Beethoven, especially the poems". (we still have posters!)"
Marek Iwicki
for concept and camera for our very first ASK HELMUT videos.
Friedemann Kirsch
for his support in software development at a time when „HELMUT“ was still very young.
Judd Labarthe
music lover and former managing director of a large advertising agency in Berlin, for his very valuable and motivating feedback when the vision of ASK HELMUT became reality.
Glenda Moor
for super creative photography – with or without posters – in concerts and exhibitions, and great social media support.
Daniela Müller
for being a fearless event scout in Berlin.
Diana Pauser
for the unbelievable flood of great ideas and wonderful lines.
Marc Rees
for coming up with the name ASK HELMUT.
Stephanie Renner
for her great support and groundbreaking advice on our ODINE project and many other fundamental issues.
Matthias Thömmes
for his great support in software development and continuous interest in how to make ASK HELMUT better.
Inga Turczyn
for supporting us always and basically in everything, but also directing our very first videos and the wonderful Berlinale series.
Markus Werner
for capturing unique moments in many many concerts for us with his camera.